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Kenya’s Highly Ranked And Richest Banks at a Glance

by litfeed
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Top Kenyan commercial banks by ranking

The total banks’ wealth at NSE stood at Kshs.684.5 billion, which is 24% of the total NSE wealth as of 4th October 2021 with Equity, KCB, and Coop Bank accounting for over 60% of the total banks’ investor wealth. Below is the ranking of the listed banks.

Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE)
Banks Market Capitalisation
Kshs. Billion
Equity               188.7
KCB               149.7
Coop Bank                 78.9
Absa Bank                 56.5
StanChart                 49.3
NCBA Group                 42.8
I&M                 37.0
Stanbic                 34.8
BK Group                 27.6
Diamond Trust                 17.7
HF Group                    1.5
Total               684.5

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