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Kericho: Chief in Trouble Over Steamy Sessions With Someone’s Wife

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Chief exposed for having affair with someone's wife

A woman only identified as Mercy is believed to have falsely accused her area chief of raping her, after her husband discovered that the two have been having a clandestine sexual affair.

In a case lodged at Londiani Police Station in Kericho County on Tuesday afternoon, the woman from Kimasian Location, who was accompanied by her husband, alleged that the local chief had stormed her homestead earlier in the day and ordered her out of the house.

She further alleged that when she obliged, the chief then forced her into a nearby maize plantation where he raped her. Detectives launched immediate investigations into the serious allegations against the local administrator.

“Londiani-based sleuths discovered that Mercy and the chief had been in a relationship and for a period of time, they had been exchanging missives laced with sweet nothings.

“On the day the chief is alleged to have raped Mercy, the two were in constant communication and had agreed to meet at their usual place. ‘Let’s meet hapo mahindi yenu (in your maize farm) read one of the messages sent by the Chief on Sunday,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) stated.

It is these secret messages and others dating as far much back as August, that Mercy’s husband stumbled upon, and discovered that his wife had been secretly having steamy encounters with the chief in a nearby maize plantation, that provided perfect cover for their illicit activities.

“In order to get back at the chief, Mercy was compelled to file a trumped-up report against him, in a case that has attracted a lot of interest in Cheptagulgei Village.”

However, when detectives conducted their detailed analysis and investigations, including a visit to the alleged scene of the incident, they discovered that Mercy’s claims were inconsistent and not supported by facts at the scene.

The investigators also retrieved M-Pesa transactions detailing how the woman had been receiving money from the chief after every illicit encounter they had since July.

“These among other revelations in the possession of our detectives, including how the woman’s husband lured the chief through text messages to meet with his wife seriously cast doubt on the woman’s allegations that he had dragged her into the maize plantation and forced himself on her.”

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