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Kiambu Man Fakes Child’s Death, Collects a Lot of Money

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A Kiambu man with roots in Western Kenya is in police custody after unleashing an ambitious funeral scam to collect money.

Samuel Muhambe, a resident of Gitaru in Kabete Sub-County fooled an entire and it was at the last minute his scheme.

He faked the death of a relative’s son, who was allegedly staying with him. It would later emerge that the son, whom he had given a name – Daniel Wafula – never existed in the first place.

He visited the area chief with a disturbing message that the boy had gone missing just two days after he joined his family. As such, neighbors would not question his story much, after all, you can seldom notice a new person in your neighborhood just after two days.

But even before the chief could alert the village about the disappearance, Muhambe returned with some sad news that the boy’s body had been found floating in a dam, with some parts dismembered. The remains had been transported at the City mortuary, he claimed.

The whole village came together for burial arrangements and donated thousands of shillings to help in the process. The exact amount collected has not been revealed.

The script was exposed early this morning when it was time to sink the grave ahead of the burial also scheduled for today.

Muhambe was ready to dig the first layer as per the Luhya culture before others could join but before start breaking the ground some people discovered there was no letter from the chief to permit the process.

He excused himself to see the chief so that he could obtain the letter but instead ran away after realizing his scheme was up.

However, he was cornered by the villagers and handed to officers at Kanyariri police station where he will be detained as the investigation continue.

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