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Kisii Man Shocked to Learn of Mum Death in an Insensitive Social Media Post

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

In ordinary circumstances, a child, especially one has graduated to adulthood, should be among the first people to know when his/her parent passes away. But just imagine learning of your own mother’s death through social media? Must be cruel.

That was the case of one Josh Ndege, a Kenyan man, who hails from Kisii County.

Ndege was scrolling through his Facebook timeline when he across a post that left him devasted.

A friend by the name of Alexander Boomer Onyancha had just shared some sad news.

“Breaking news from Magena… It’s unfortunate that we have lost Mama Olpha Ndege, a mother to brother Joash Josh Ndege,” he wrote.

When Ndege read the post, he thought he was daydreaming. At first, he thought Onyancha was breaking information of another family, hoping that it is just the names that were corresponding.

He gathered some courage and took to the comments section to clear his doubts.

“You’re saying my mum?” he posed, to which Onyancha carelessly replied: “Yeah, it is so shocking that we have lost her.”

Evidently, Ndege was not aware of his mother’s demise, but strangers knew.

He later confirmed and shared a post on his Facebook account to mourn her.

“Mama RIP,” he wrote.

Many netizens were outraged by Onyancha’s post. They could not understand why he posted such sensitive information even without calling his friend to give him a shoulder to lean on.

Frossy Megan said: “What award is given to someone for posting such news? Today’s society is sick… may God give you unending peace Josh.

Not Isolated Case

However, this is not an isolated case. People have become barbaric, always rushing to share anything and everything on social media even without verifying the information they give to the online world.

Some like Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua have been embarrassed for spreading wrong information.

Months ago, Mutua took to his social media platforms to condole with the family of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, falsely claiming that his wife Pauline Musyoka had died.

He was forced to pull down the posts and apologize after it turned out Pauline was alive. He defended himself, saying a close friend from the Musyoka family lied to him.

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