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Knock, Knock State House… Thoughts From a Brother

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By George Kimando

I have an interesting mother.

When she wants to pass a profound admonition should she consider any of her children straying, she will start thus, “am not saying you are doing anything wrong, but just in a manner of talking…”, and you know exactly what she’s saying.

Am not saying you are doing anything wrong either, Mr. President, but just in a manner of talking…

Leadership comes with immense responsibility. That responsibility often times goes beyond the usual call of duty to sometimes changing the trajectory of a people in times and seasons of history.

It’s a higher calling that demands self-sacrifice, taming of the ego, and being the bigger person in word and deed.

This is such a time in our history as Kenya, a time to rewrite our story and set a fresh precedent of how things should be done.

Let me put it in black and white.

I raise this because of a growing crescendo of intolerance and vengeful vitriol – with subtle and sometimes overt accompaniments – poured out by influential figures around you.

This is worrying. Especially when expressed in the presence of acclaimed Church leaders, and they go quiet about it.

Many of us would understand where you are coming from, and perhaps even edge you on. AND THAT’S WHAT YOU MUST RESIST. How different would you be from those you succeeded, and largely on whose emotional intelligence failures you were elected into office?

Sometimes God puts you through experiences so you learn firsthand WHAT NOT TO DO to others. This is your perfect moment to change the trajectory of this country on what not to do to others, and break the vicious cycle of hatred and negative ethnicity that has been perpetuated since our purported independence six decades ago.

You must set the decent precedent of doing the right thing, and demonstrate to a generation that’s bitter and desperate that we can do things differently and achieve positive growth and progress without the impunity and arrogance displayed by your predecessors.

Granted, we acknowledge that some pretty atrocious things were done to you and your supporters by the previous regime.

But you can’t afford to pay back in kind; that’ll destroy a divine opportunity that you’ve been called to for a divine midwifing of history as regards our country.

As Christians and believers, reconciliation and convergence of purpose must be the driving motivation. We must not entertain the spirits of unforgiveness, vengeance and bitterness.

Even when we admit that Jesus at some point used the whip to drive His point home, we also must appreciate that He achieved the most from His acts of kindness, charity and forgiveness; an unexpected departure from the expected norm of exacting revenge from an intransigent, proud, arrogant and unforgiving world of His time.

He had all the power in Heaven and on earth, but He chose the path of humility and wisdom. More than two thousand years later, the world is still awed by His precedent, and today has the largest following of spiritual and religious proportions.

You are one of His professed followers, I should know.

If it wasn’t right what and when the last regime did it to you, it cannot be right when your regime do it to others, especially as pay back. If it felt bad when the former President and his supporters demonstrated open unjustified disdain and contempt towards you, it can’t feel good when you do it to them today.

If it wasn’t prudent to use government agencies (EACC, DCI, KRA, etc) to harass political opponents, what would make it right now?

Where there has been illegalities, let the law take precedence. If you think the law is an ass, try lawlessness. Many of us were around in 2007/8, and we know how it ended up.

I can’t quite purport to advise you, and won’t tell you how to do your stuff. But you know what to do, and what not to. You’ve been there, and been done that; you certainly know better than a pedestrian brother who perhaps might be tardy idealistic on what needs to be done.

Am not saying you are doing anything wrong, but just in a manner of talking…

Have a reflective and introspective Sunday, and a great week ahead.

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