Kobe Bryant’s Brilliant NBA Statistics

Regarded as one of basketball’s and NBA’s Greatest of All Time (GOAT), Kobe Bryant’s death in a tragic helicopter crash alongside his daughter, Gianna, and seven other people in Calabasas, California, US, late last month, has robbed sports of an extraordinary athlete and a two-time Olympic gold medallist.

Kobe Bryant in dribbling mode in a NBA match - NBA's Greatest of All Time (GOAT)
Kobe Bryant in dribbling mode in a NBA match

Performance Data

Using data obtained from Wikipedia, Lit Interactive has compiled Kobe’s stats that showcase his exploits during his 20-year NBA career. In the 2001-02 season, he led the league with a field goals score rate of 47 percent, on average for all the games played.

Kobe started a record 200! playoffs games out of a total of 220 in his 20 NBA seasons. At the LA Lakers, he won five NBA championships, and most importantly with a three-peat to boot (1999-2002). It is noteworthy that only five teams in the history of NBA have won the championship at least five times. These are Boston Celtics (17), LA Lakers (16), Golden State Warriors (6), Chicago Bulls (6) and San Antonio Spurs (5).

Indisputably, his stats are close to peerless. Modern sports teams leverage player performance data to optimise player and team performance, and general player management.

Kobe in action - NBA's Greatest of All Time (GOAT)
Kobe in action

Extraordinary Athlete

Kobe’s achievements exemplify a fierce competitor and, therefore, feared, respected and admired by his peers and rivals alike. Because of his prowess in the sport, Kobe was considered a true icon of the game.

Kobe Bryant gesturing during a past NBA game - NBA's Greatest of All Time (GOAT)
Kobe Bryant gesturing during a past NBA game


Kobe’s body was released to his family more than a week since he died, and the family is yet to determine his funeral date. He will go down in history as one of the Greatest of All Time NBA athletes. Besides sports he leaves a rich business legacy and he was admired globally.

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