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‘Kwaheri’: Late Singer George Wanjaro Mum, Dad Inconsolable as 4 Sons Die

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

They thinks it is Witchcraft or perhaps God has been unfair to them. Njaro Wairatu and his wife Nancy Waithera have endured so much pain after losing all their children.

The couple had been blessed with four sons – George Wanjaro, Peterson Njaro, Francis Thuo and Edward Irungu.

Among their four children, Wanjaro turned out well. He became a secondary school mathematics teacher, popular Benga musician and an entrepreneur in real estate and matatu industry.

Wanjaro is famed for songs such as Maitu Waithera (My Mum Waithera), Jacqueline Mwendwa (My Love Jacqueline) and Date Ya Mbere (First Date). His songs have remained ever-green many years after his death.

Wairatu and his better half lost their second born Peterson in 2004. But it is 2007 that crushed them to the ground.

One day in 2007, Wanjaro – the family hope – complained of severe headache and was rushed to the Murang’a Level Five Hospital. The Gaichanjiru High School teacher did not make it.

“This son became a very critical pillar of our life because he was too caring, respectful, enterprising … and exhibited all the signs of a man with a bright future. Silently, I knew that my toiling to educate him was not in vain.

“The teacher died when he had started making our lives decent and was very philanthropic, accommodating and warm to his brothers and he provided for them,” Wairatu narrated to the Nation.

Two months later after Wanjaro’s death, Thuo followed him in the grave.

Waithera recalled asking God to bless Irungu, their only surviving child, with many children.

“I prayed that the only evidence of our productive marriage would now stabilise, work hard and leave us many grandchildren to lighten our twilight years,” she said. Fate had other plans.

Surviving Son Die

In July 2021, Irungu went missing and three days later his body was found at Masinga dam.

Police said he died by suicide, but Wairatu insists that his last born was killed by his business partners.

“I silently took stock of the situation — all of our sons dead, no pool of grandchildren as their marriages were not structured, and since the misfortunes started to strike, all the daughters-in-law that had been introduced to us bolted, perhaps fearing getting caught up in the jinx of our family,” Waithera said.

Wairatu added “I have simply resigned. It is like witchcraft where we have buried our children instead of our children burying us … In such circumstances, waiter, bring me another one, just like the other one!”

But Wanjaro’s wife, Maureen has in recent years accused his father-in-law and mother-in-law of disinheriting her.

According to Maureen, everything she and her husband had worked for was taken by his parents before they evicted her.

Meanwhile, Waithera is suggesting that her husband should get himself a younger wife and sire children with her. He laughed off the idea.

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