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Larry Madowo Interviews Big CEO Who Became Woman After 49 Years of Being Man

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Have you ever thought of changing your sex characteristics even for a day just to have a taste of what the other gender feels in their body?

Well, a company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Sweden lived his 49 years as a man and decided that he will spend the rest of their life being a female.

Caroline Farberger, who leads the ICA insurance firm explained to CCN journalist Larry Madowo in a recent interview that in the first phase of her life she was privileged but never happy.

She revealed that since she was eight years, she always wanted to change his birth-assigned gender, but feared what would happen if she broke away from his male persona.

In 2019, she finally decided to become the person she had always wanted to be.

“That day four years is the day I was myself, as Caroline, as a woman, as who I am and today, I’m happier than ever,” she said.

Caroline, previously Carl Farberger, added that the transformation made her become bolder in life and is never afraid to pursue her dreams. After the gender switch, she is now a partner and chairwoman at the Wall Street Venture Capital.

Gender transition is quite a process that involves hormone replacement surgery and sex reassignment surgery.

While Caroline now has feminine looks, her voice is still masculine.
She says that being a woman is her true gender identity and now feels authentic.

Some of her other fears included not knowing whether she would still be successful in her career and becoming a woman.

“I haven’t lost anything. I have my position in the business.”

The transgender CEO is married and together with her wife they have three children.

Understanding the challenges women go through, especially in business, she says has been a lesson and now she works to empower them.

“The way I behave sets the tone for the entire organization. If I’m not inclusive, my managers reporting to me won’t be inclusive, either.”

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