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Like Father Like Daughter! Simon Kabu’s Daughter, Anita, is Such a Vibe (videos)

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Top travel business gurus, the Kabus, are also great parents of three children.

They try so hard to ensure that their children have a grasp of what their business is all about.

They travel around with them as they closely interact to forge a well-knit family.

Well, one of their second born, Anita, is an interesting child, who is close to her father, Simon Kabu.

Fans to the celebrity family really love the little girl and they even believe that she behaves so much like her father.

And true to their words, she is always entertaining her family with her exciting antics.

Today, 12th June, Simon shared a family video in which the little girl made some funny comments about their chicken and some egg.

Check out this short video clip below.

And when she needs some urgent message to her busy father, the girl records a video clip and sends it through.

Anita, of course, gets her father angry sometimes but she knows how to fix others and go scot free.

She likes to show off to her father as she gets ready for her online class.

The Kabus get to watch a movie together every Saturday evening.

As they get to enjoy the sweet family moment, the little pretty girl makes a confession about what happens when she is alone in the house.

Watch out the short video clip below.

Anita knows how to always catch her father’s attention even when everybody else is around.

Just see what the little pretty thing does

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