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Lilian Nganga, ‘Happier With Fertile Juliani Than Rich Mutua’, Claps Back at Trolls

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Former Machakos First Lady Lilian Nganga has been trending for more than a day after her ex-spouse, former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, unleashed a terrific photo of himself having the best time of his life in New York.

Mutua is part of a delegation accompanying President William Ruto to the United Nations General Assembly.

“Time to tell the Kenya Kwanza story of hope and action to the world,” the former governor wrote.

Mutua looked dope, wearing blue jeans, colour blocking T-shirt, and a pair of white sports shoes.

Some netizens opined that Lilian ought to have stayed with Mutua because he is rich instead of dumping him for rapper Julius Owino aka Juliani.

“Lilian and Juliani are somewhere in Nairobi West while Alfred Mutua is enjoying in New York,” a tweep wrote.

Another offered: “Lilian is in a stage called self-actualisation where one explores oneself and prioritises their happiness, peace, and life. Most of you (trolling her) are in basic needs level.”

Lilian confronted the mean comments head-on.

She was she was now happier, especially after becoming a mother to an adorable boy.

“Just seen some shallow story you are all trying to drag me into. Don’t you get tired? Just continue. Let me proceed with my day with my little boy,” she penned, at the end put some emojis to show that he was in love with her months-old son.

In her 10-year relationship with Mutua, Lilian did not have a child, but after a few months after getting engaged to Juliani, she conceived.

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