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Love Everywhere! Joyful Moments Dominate Singer Vanessa Mdee’s Baby Shower (photos)

by Esther M.
2 mins read
Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi pictures

It is barely a month since Tanzanian musician Vanessa Mdee and her Nigerian-American actor lover Rotimi revealed that they are expecting their first child.

The two lovebirds are simply overjoyed, as they wait patiently to embrace their bundle of joy.

Well, to ensure that is all set, Rotimi held a grand baby shower for his queen.

And from the photos shared through his IGs, it was an intimate special event.

It was only attended by close family members and friends.

And it was such a joyful event

The joy on the expectant mother’s face said it all.

image 310

“Baby shower vibes,” the father-to-be captioned the love-filled photos.

Rotimi’s close friends didn’t disappoint

image 312
image 318

It was an all-white and gold-themed event and those present strictly adhered to it.

image 311

Unique poses were unveiled for the day.

image 313

Others had a chance for family photos.

image 314

The joy was just contagious.

image 315

And the women really understood their assignment.

They showed up looking gorgeous and ready for the occasion.

image 316

image 317

This comes a few days after Rotimi excited his fans with an interesting video of him pampering his pregnant lover.

He said that he needed to keep her pregnancy in check.

Check out this video.

“Things I gotta do to keep her hormones in check,” he declared.

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