‘Love is Such an Amazing Thing,’ Pastor Lucy Natasha Gushes Over Her Brother’s Love Affair

Celebrated youthful city preacher Lucy Natasha has one brother, who is also her great friend.

Joseph Shafique serves in her sister’s ministry as the head of protocol and she is dearly loved by her cleric sister.

Well, the young man has found love and his sister is just so happy for him.

She took to her social media platforms to wish her well even as he prepares to settle down with his queen.

“What a joy finding love and friendship, I celebrate my brother Joseph Shafique love journey together with Katerina Musosi and wishing them God’s goodness!” she wrote in a part.

She then assured him that she was going to love everything about love as it was an amazing thing.

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“Love is such an amazing thing, as it brightens up our lives, warms our hearts and inspires us to be all that we were born to be,” she explained to him.

And, of course, being his pastor, she made some declarations over his love life.

“Keep on shining and abounding, the best of moments awaits you.”

Two days ago, Shafique celebrated his birthday.

“Join me in wishing a happy birthday to my brother. You have been a source of encouragement in my life and a great pillar in the ministry as our head of protocol. Keep on partaking in the best of God’s goodness. The Lord’s blessings, grace, and favour upon you,” Pastor Natasha said.

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Katerina also wished her man a happy birthday

“Happy birthday to you my king 👑! You have shown me what it means to love and to be loved and I can’t thank you enough for that. May you see great visions and have the courage and tenacity to pursue them. May you have a birthday that is as beautiful as the love of God,” she wrote.

Shafique is the only brother of two pretty sisters Natasha and Shiphrah.

He appreciates the fact that the two are his greatest support system in his life.

“When you have the best support system in the world! You guys are my rock and i love you so much. Sibling love❤❤❤.”

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