A celebrity, who is popularly known as Ciiku wa Soxxy on her social media platforms, but whose real name is Anne Kamau, has gushed over her amazing transformation in marriage.  She is the wife of the famous DJ Soxxy alias Jackson Kamau. 

She wrote: “While I have transformed into four different people (from younger me to Mama @elianawairimu to Mama @ethan_kamau and to a new woman) @djsoxxy hasn’t changed at all in the 10 years. Ni yule yule (thinking emoji). We are 10 in June (celebrations emojis)

They got married at a colorful wedding in 2010 and will, therefore, be celebrating their 10th year anniversary in June. They have had their own share of the ups and downs, including a long period of being childless that almost them their marriage.

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Ciiku with her bundles of joy

A trying time was when Anne got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. It is a hormonal disorder common among women in the reproductive age bracket. 

Ciiku recalled during an interview the heart- wrenching words the doctor used to describe her condition: “You have a condition. It’s incurable and it causes infertility.”

Well, when two people are in love, they tend to see things in a much brighter and positive way. The two came out stronger and now have two children, a girl, and a boy.

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