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Lulu Hassan Hilariously Asks Hubby on Air: ‘Would You Tolerate a Cheating Wife?’

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Some coincidences are just too sweet. Imagine working the same hours with your husband or wife in the same company?

That’s the story of Citizen TV journalists Rashid Abdallah and wife Lulu Hassan.

They are the Kiswahili news broadcasters every weekend on the leading TV station.

Though very professional on air, many people always see them as that inspiring couple while co-anchoring news.

On Saturdays, the two host a programme about relationships and marriage, where they invite experts, who advise couples on how to make their love life better.

In their most recent show, the topic was about how a husband should react after learning he is bringing up children, who are not his.

Of course, the subject was very timely in view of the increasing cases of married women secretly having children with men, who are not their spouses.

Lulu asked one of the two guests, Benjamin Zulu, to explain what he would do should he learn his wife had a child with a secret lover.

Zulu replied: “First, God forbid. Second, we would part ways immediately because it shows she has no respect for me.”

Then towards the end of the show, she asked her hubby to imagine himself in a similar situation and what steps he would take.

For some seconds, Rashid was unable to hold his laughter and you could see clearly he did not expect that question.

Apparently cornered, he gave a rather unusual answer: “First,I would try to understand what she is talking about.”

The two have three children – two boys and a girl.

The firstborn and the daughter take after their mother, while the second born is a mix of both parents.

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