Lulu Hassan And Husband Rashid Abdallah Mourn Top Swahili Actress Pretty Mutave

Jiffy Pictures founders and owners Lulu Hassan and husband Rashid Abdallah have painfully reacted to the heartbreaking news of the death of a talented actress in their popular Swahili Bongo Movies.

Pretty Mutave has featured in a number of movies produced by the TV couple’s production house.

The cause of her death was not immediately established.

Lulu and Rashid took to their social media platforms to pay their tribute to the fallen actress, mourning her as one of the best in her time.

Lulu said it was hard to accept the the unfortunate reality, citing that they met recently for an upcoming project.

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“Five days ago, we were on set working on a project that was tailor-made for you, you were so excited about the project… I guess this was a way of calling it a wrap…The industry will surely miss you …you gave more than a 100 per cent while on set…fare thee well pretty,” she wrote.

For his part, Rashid said Mutave’s talent and dedication to her work shall never be forgotten.

“It is the will of God, but it will take time to accept. May your star continue shining in heaven. We will respect your talent forever. Rest In Peace,” the new anchor said.

Jiffy Pictures producer Ibrahim Chitayi said the company had lost a key member.

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“Hardest part for me now is to fulfill your dream,” he jotted down.

Chitayi is also the script writer of the sensational TV drama, Maria, which airs on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday.

Mutave has acted in the following plays under different characters:

Udhalimu -Ashina
Arosto -Zelda
Kijakazi -lena
Moyo -Waridi
Maza -Zari
Aziza -Dee

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