Man Almost Kills Ex-Lover Whom he Educated and She Dumped him But Wants to be Forgiven

A middle-aged man went wild after his ex-girlfriend showed up to ask for forgiveness, several years after they parted ways.

A few years ago, Ngige and Wangari were madly in love and often talked about their future together as husband and wife.

The two had met in college and became almost inseparable.

The peak of their intimacy was when Ngigi had to drop out of college so that he could fund his girlfriend’s education. He used the money given to him by his parents to pay her fees.

His disappointed parents then kicked him out of their home and he resorted to doing manual jobs.

However, a storm hit their paradise a few months before Wangari graduated.

According to Ngige, she started becoming rude and making false accusations against him. Wangari, for instance, alleged that he had other lovers.

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Even before they could sort out their differences, a nasty break-up happened.

Ngigi would later be dropped in favour of another charming man, whom Wangari then got married to.

I Was Wrong

Some years later, after realising the pain she had caused her ex-boyfriend, Wangari was no longer at peace.

She approached gospel musician-cum-YouTuber Betty Bayo to help her contact and ask for forgiveness from Ngigi.

The singer agreed to take on the risky mission and went to Ngigi’s home with Wangari and a few other people in the singer’s crew.

Betty first approached the man to prepare him psychologically for what she intended to do.

Everything went well like a movie script until the last part, where Wangari came out and knelt to ask for forgiveness.

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The man suddently got angry and everyone, including the musician, had to flee for their lives.

He picked up anything, everything in sight and chased after them, particularly targeting Wangari. In one instance, he picked up a big stone and threw it without caring about who could be hit.

Luckily, Betty had come along with her bouncer, who took charge of the whole drama.

After the moments of chaos, Ngigi cooled down, but said that he was not ready to forgive his former lover until he was paid in full all the money he had spent on her.

Meanwhile, Wangari also wants to reveal to her current husband that their first born was fathered by someone else. She had got pregnant moments before she and Ngigi separated.

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The drama continues…

Below is the video of Ngigi going wild when Wangari went to ask for his forgiveness.

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