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Man With Super Powers Has 12 Wives, Wants More And There’s No Escape Route

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A traditional doctor who has married 12 wives says he wants more and more until the number hits at least 20.

Maniraguhu Protais married his first wife some 20 years ago and the second one two years later.

The first wife, Umutesi Nadia said she did not expect things would turn out the way they are today, but she has accepted everything and lives happily with his co-wives.

Umutesi Nadia got married to Protais two decades ago and they have been blessed with eight children.

The Rwandese whose story was covered by Afrimax English said each spouse comes with new blessings.

He claimed that he had average wealth with one wife, but today he is very rich.

But Protais does not just choose any woman. His instincts first convince him that the woman he is about to court is a virgin and not even once he has made a mistake.

The next assignment is hitting on the woman and when he trains his eyes on her, the chances of being rejected are almost zero.

Once he has brought a new wife, the first thing he does is to introduce him to the other wives and give her the rules, which include a warning that she should compete with those she found. Then she is shown her house because every wife has hers.

Protais parades his wives.

The women revealed that they live happily and have embraced sisterhood. They have also given their husband the leeway to marry as many wives as he wants.

The man brings all of them together every three months and cooks for them. They all eat from the same plate.

People Will Talk

However, Protais has been accused by his neighbours of using witchcraft to charm the women, an allegation he laughed off.

“People will always talk whether you have one wife or many,” he said.

One of the reasons that make people believe he uses special powers is that once a woman gets married to him, there is no escape route. Some have tried to take off, but they always feel insecure and uncomfortable, forcing them to return and apologize to Protais.

The polygamist says the most important thing is that he provides for each of his wives and loves them unreservedly.

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