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Mark Masai And Others: Tension at NMG as Top Journalists Fired

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Nation Media Group (NMG) has scaled down its workforce amid the rapid growth of digital journalism.

People with knowledge of this subject have revealed that big names in the media house have been sent packing both in the broadcast and print divisions.

Litkenya.com understands that among the top journalists who have been retrenched are chief digital editor Churchill Otieno, NTV prime time news anchor Mark Masai, and Taifa Leo Managing Editor Peter Ngare.

Our sources said the list of those earmarked for dismissal is long and will be released gradually as consultations continue.

The development and tensions at the Kimathi Street, Nairobi, headquarters of the media empire come weeks after NMG Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stephen Gitagama revealed that the business had embarked on restructuring and some staff would be affected.

He said the digital revolution and economic downturns had adversely impacted the turnover of the company. Gitagama is steering the changes with Group Editorial Director Joe Ageyo.

Journalists with big titles and high salaries are the likely casualties. Three of those affected are veteran journalists, who are high up on the ladder, meaning they are big earners. Laying them off will save the company a tidy sum of money.

Additionally, the State House is allegedly pushing for friendly people in the newsrooms to drive the government agenda in a soft approach.

A few weeks ago, Ageyo replaced Mutuma Mathiu, who was an ally of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime. He was appointed as the Consulting Editor, a lower and less influential position.

Before his demotion and shortly after Ruto won the presidency, Mutuma published an article in his column, stating that the President’s men had mentioned to him that previous leaders in newsrooms must be substituted since they had de-campaigned the new Head of State.

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