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Media Personality Willis Raburu Expecting Baby With His New Ugandan Girlfriend

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

Citizen TV 10 over 10 entertainment show presenter Willis Raburu is rumoured to be expecting a baby with his Ugandan girlfriend. Willis, who is known by the nickname Bazu, is the boyfriend of Ugandan girl Ivy Namulindwa. On posts seen on blogger Edgar Obare’s expose stories, the two were once spotted together as they visited a gynaecologist. 

Raburu and Namu recently held a baby shower for their expected bundle of joy and have managed to keep the exciting news away from the public eye for a long time now. Netizens were excited and congratulated him about the news, adding that Willis has always been a genuinely good person.

Willis and his new girlfriend Namu

As expected, some came at him claiming that his moving on or rather men, in general, are fast when it comes to moving on forgetting that when his ex-wife Mary Ngami, popularly known as Marya Prude, publicly announced their divorce. She said that she had already moved on and nobody came forth to criticise her, but rather wished her well. 

Marya revealed that the two made a decision to part ways after things were no longer working out and it was alleged that she packed and moved out of their matrimonial home. This happened after they had lost their baby, which was a heavy burden on their mental health, and both needed time to heal.

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