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Meet All Grown-up Daughter of Former ‘Auntie Boss’ Actress Shiro

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Former Auntie Boss TV drama series actress Shiro is the proud mother of a daughter, who is growing fast.

Shiro, whose real name is Nyce Njeri, was over the moon today, 5th June, as her little princess celebrated her 10th birthday.

She took to her social media platforms to pen a birthday message for her girl, Natasha Nyawira.

“From the first time I laid my eyes on you ☺️ I was so grateful,” she wrote.

“I am so lucky that God trusted me to be your mum and lead you where I can 🙏,” she added.

“Today, you turn two-digits, 10, I love you so much and more.”

“May God bless your year. May you grow to love God, know HIM like I do, and much more, May you live so many years of love, health, strength, wisdom, prosperity, to many more great experiences🎊💪💝.” read the message.

And Shiro also needed to make something clear to her daughter about her money.

Alafu pesa utajitafutia yakoKazi yangu nitakulea na kukupa vitu unahitaji kugrow,” (about growing up and making her own money)

In yet another post, Shiro promised to keep fixing her daughter’s crown all through life.

“I will always fix your crown and hold your hand no matter what my African Princess 💝. Happy 10th birthday to you,” promised the proud mother.

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