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Meet Muigai Kenyatta: Nakuru Tycoon Who Doesn’t Know How to Read or Write

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Nakuru tycoon Muigai Kenyatta

From a herdsboy to a millionaire. This is the inspiring story of Muigai Kenyatta, a Nakuru-based tycoon, who has established himself from the scratch.

Muigai says that he has never stepped into a class, doesn’t know how to read and write, but through hard work and ruthless focus, he has beaten all odds to succeed in life.

“The reason why I never went to school is that my parents would often go separate ways due to domestic issues. Every time they separated, my mother would take off with us her children. She would rent a small house and didn’t have money to take us to school, putting a meal on the table was a miracle,” he said during an interview on the Wambui wa Mwangi YouTube platform.

In 1979 at the tender age of 10, he got his first job as a herdsboy at one of his mother’s friend’s homes. He would earn Ksh15 a month.

“I would be beaten many times because at the age I was unable to tend the herds well so an animal would be lost without my knowledge.”

For almost a decade, that was his work in different homes.

He came of age, he relocated to Naivasha, Nakuru County, where his life started to take shape. He became a milk vendor before trying a footing in the dairy farming business.

“At some point, I sold my cows and bought my mother a piece of land because that had always been my desire knowing the struggles she had to undergo to raise us. It is a decision I’m always proud of, but it took almost crumbled my life.

His big breakthrough came when a neighbour asked him to help him sell a piece of land. Luckily, he got a buyer and brokered Ksh8,000.

“This changed my life forever. I learned that I can make money by just working smart and that’s how a became a land broker in Naivasha. I could look for people who want to sell their land and then I would double the price.

“But my life changed completely when I was connected to a certain tycoon, whom I helped purchase a 24-acre parcel of land. I made about Ksh1 million,” he disclosed.

The businessman bought his first pickup and started transporting different materials for people. After some time, he was able to purchase a lorry and got into the business of transporting building materials.

He also opened an animal feeds’ store that is run by his wife.

“I don’t know how to read or write, but when it comes business I’m very knowledgeable. I involve my wife when I’m supposed to ink deals whose terms and conditions I must understand.”

The father of three says he doesn’t want his children to be employed when they finish school. His firstborn daughter is at the university.

“My children attend some very good schools because I value education. When they get their degrees, I want to help them establish their own company that will be a family business,” he said.

His parting shot was: “Never give up, work hard and if you want to become rich, be a cheerful giver.”

Disclaimer: He is not in any way related to the Kenyatta Family

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