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Mercy Masika Almost Bursts as Daughter Says She Wants a Boyfriend

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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Celebrated gospel artiste Mercy Masika was left speechless during a candid conversation with her daughter, Ranice.

The mother-daughter chat made the singer realize that her firstborn has her own plans for her life.

The two were talking about relationships and she asked her pre-teen daughter if she would like to have a boyfriend in the future.

The girl replied ‘Yes’, adding that she thinks of having an “official boyfriend” at the age of 15.

“I will have my first official boyfriend when I’m 15. At that time, I think I will be ready,” she said.

Masika was so shocked by the statement, but she tried to contain herself.

The musician went ahead to ask her girl why she would want a boyfriend at an age when she can’t settle down.

Ranice said she just wants to have a male companion she can always share with.

“Although my dad always tells me she loves me, I want a boyfriend. Currently, I have several boys who are my friends, but I don’t have one in particular whom I can introduce as my boyfriend,” Ranice said.

She added that she prefers boys in her life to girls because the latter are always helpful.

The Mwema hitmaker told her daughter that the right time to have a man in her life is when she has completed her tertiary education or at least when she is 21 and above.

The singer noted that she will continue engaging Ranice on the topic and next time she will tag her husband along.

She also encouraged parents to talk to their children about the dreaded relationship topics.

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