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Meru TikToker Rushed to Hospital After Eating Bat, Rat And Spider

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Meru TikToker Aq9ine has been documenting his personal on social media in the most controversial way.

He has made a name for himself by showcasing his skills in the kitchen.

But Aq9ine has not been preparing the traditional meals. He has been cooking the yuckiest foods.

From rats, bats to now spider. Strangely, he eats these animals.

But now it seems the path he has taken could lead to a catastrophic destination.

Earlier today, Aq9ine made a TikTok video to give update about his health.

He revealed that he was not okay. His swollen and itchy face left Kenyans worried.

It has now emerged that he has been hospitalised in critical condition.

However, he has asked Kenyans not to feel sorry for him as he is ready to lie on the bed he made for himself.

“You are pissing me off. Why are you getting angry because of my problems? If I die, I will be buried and forgotten. Stop worrying because I’m not your relative. You will never see me begging you for money,” he said.

The content creator added that he will continue to eat those animals considered a taboo in the society.

“If I recover, I’m going to cook snake and toad and eat them,” he said.

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