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Miguna ‘is His Worst Enemy, Full of Insults And Disrespect’

by litfeed
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By Jay Kioko

There is no doubt in everyone’s mind thatcontroversial Canada-based lawyer Miguna Miguna is a Kenyan. His history is articulated in several books that he has penned.

In his own words, he grew up “picking ticks from his grandfather’s armpits”. A man who gives such a descriptive detail about his childhood is a Kenyan by birth. His umbillical cord is buried somewhere in Magina, Nyando. He is a pure Kenyan.

However, while growing up, there were certain standards of behavior that a society expected of us. My grandfather was a staunch Christian and whenever us young people had time with him, he would repeatedly tell us that people older than ourselves deserved to be respected, accorded all forms of respect. If my grandfather heard that one of us had disrespected an elderly person, he would be summoned and warned. The father of the child would be informed and asked to take appropriate action on that child. That’s how we were socialized and we still practice that respect and honor to people older than us. Respect and honor does not mean taking in hook, line and sinker everything they do and say. Far from it. But any form of criticism can be done respectfully.

I don’t know exactly what Miguna Miguna’s grandfather was telling him when “he was picking ticks from his armpit” but certainly there must have been some violence involved. I can imagine how much violence he meted on each tick he picked from his grandfather’s armpit…one stroke and it was dead.

The kind of tirade Miguna Miguna is spewing today against Raila Odinga, in particular, is a matter of grave concern and can only be explained from a standpoint of poor upbringing, and poor manners instilled in childhood. Why he attacks so viciously everyone, even those who mean well is probably an area of research that scholars need to investigate. That bitterness, vengeance and evil is only manifested in a witch. His brakeless drift towards self destruction is an act that cannot be contained in an African country for now.

Do our leaders deserve criticism? Yes they do. Is MM’s combative style of diarrheraing and vomiting insults at our leaders the way to go? In my opinion…NO

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