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‘Mnaniabisha’: Kalonzo Schools Kamba Nation For Refusing to Attend Protests

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Wiper leader Kalonzo has excoriated the Kamba nation for being lukewarm in the now suspended Azimio la Umoja anti-government protests.

Speaking in Makueni, the Azimio co-principal observed that his backyard has recorded a low to zero turnout during the biweekly demonstrations.

He said this was not a good gesture, given the community wants Raila Odinga’s in the future.

The former Vice-President noted that cowardice exhibited by his people could derail his 2027 presidential bid, in which he wants to be supported Azimio leader Raila. Kalonzo has supported Raila thrice.

“Kamba should emulate Luos to win the presidency. If you developed a spine, the whole nation would take notice. Winning the presidency will take more than pressuring Raila Odinga to declare his support to Kalonzo. These things are never given, they are grabbed,” he said.

For the two weeks Azimio leaders and supporters were in the streets, the demos were to a great part dominated by Nairobi and Western regions where Raila enjoys unwavering backing. Government critics have described the protests as a “Luos affair”, which is not entirely true.

However, Lower Eastern region – Makueni, Machakos and Kitui – the traditional Kalonzo’s bastion has not participated in the protests.

I Will Remain Steadfast

At the same time, Kalonzo vowed to remain steadfast in fighting for a better Kenya if the government will not heed to their demands, which include opening the IEBC technology systems to determine who won the presidency, lower the cost of living and halt the ongoing recruiting of commissioners at the electoral body.

Azimio suspended demos for a week to give dialogue a chance after President William Ruto extended an olive branch to the opposition, proposing a bipartisan approach to be spearheaded by parliamentarians from both sides.

However, Raila has warned that any attempts to fool the opposition will trigger a new wave of demonstrations.

Kalonzo accused the State of police brutality.

“The amount of tear gas I got was worse than what we got as CORD. This time there was deliberate attempt to hurt. Why do you want to kill and then talk? Why do you want to mess up this country?”

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