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Money is Now on The Streets! Don’t Limit Yourself to Books

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

Slowly, the world is evolving business-wise and a new era is emerging in the money-making industry. For the longest time, schoolchildren have unfortunately been programmed to finish their education first and start hunting for jobs. However, this route has only works for a few, mainly those who have well-connected relations, which is simply corruption, only that it’s sugar-coated. 

Due to the lack of jobs, young people have no option but to become street smart and seek business opportunities as a means of survival. People honestly underestimate how lucrative small businesses can be. Research shows, for instance, that in the beauty and cosmetics industry that is the makeup artists earn Ksh1,500 per person serviced. This service provision can be self taught by watching tutorial videos on YouTube done by professionals. 

Other businesses include fruit vending and strategically setting it to earn you some coins, opening entertainment joints, and hosting events at a fee. Also investing in the stock exchange markets, which doesn’t require a lot of money to start with shares that are as low as Ksh300 like the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). Agriculture such as putting up a greenhouse, which is considered smart farming since it’s an all-weather favourable thing keeping in mind that it’s the backbone of our country and at all times food is needed. 

Business opportunities are lying all over. Don’t sit at home and hope to get rich go out there and work smart but also be patient with yourself.

However, it’s high time parents changed their mentality that without education one becomes automatically ‘useless’ in life. Education is equally important but it should not be used as a tool to measure someone’s fate. Children ought to be enabled to nurture their talents because they also bring income. The many unemployed university graduates are living proof that it’s not always about books.

One of the second highest paid CEOs, Donald Walker, a Canadian automotive executive and former Chief Executive Officer of Magna International Inc, once said: “If you don’t start them young, they have no roots.” 

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