Moses Kuria Would Rather Burn in Hell than Enjoy Heaven with Raila after Mombasa Humiliation

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has broken his silence since yesterday’s (25th January) incident that saw him publicly embarrassed at the Mombasa BBI rally.

Kuria said he was denied an opportunity to address the gathering after failing to recognise ODM Party leader Raila Odinga by referring to him as ‘Baba’.

“This is a Raila thing and I’m not in it. If supporting Raila is the ticket to heaven, I better go to hell. I’m with BBI but not Raila,” Kuria declared.

The MP stated that referring to Odinga as ‘Baba’ was the tune he refused to sing and dance to.

“Yesterday, it was a constitutional requirement to call Raila ‘Baba’. My seat was taken because I refused to stand up,” he said.

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The vocal lawmaker affirmed his support for the BBI and “not individuals hungry for power”.

He said he would not support Odinga’s 2022 presidential bid as some BBI proponents had intimated.

Kuria was snubbed at the BBI rally even after the crowd demanded he address them.

Organisers hurriedly ended the meeting as some people started chanting Moses Kuria’s name.

Understandably, the decision was taken to deny Kuria an opportunity to grab some attention and gain mileage as the rival group around Raila hogged the limelight.

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