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Musician Who Entertained Rashid Until Lulu Hassan Became Jealous Defends Self

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Kenyan singer Jovial Ke has spoken out after netizens chastised her after her dance video with Citizen TV newscaster Rashid Abdalla at his 40th birthday party went viral.

Jovial attempted to clarify in a statement that she was simply performing her job, but netizens chose to exaggerate the situation with their own conclusions.

She went on to say that many women were transferring their fears onto her for no reason.

“The insults on the viral video of me at work…ok, I’m simply seeing ladies projecting their anxieties onto a harmless deed.”

She noted that Rashid and his Wife Lulu Hassan are her bosses.

“Fix your houses and stop blaming it on me.” I was performing my profession as an entertainer. By the way, I was well compensated. “Here’s to many more,” she concluded.

Jovial’s comment comes just days after a video of her performing and dancing at Rashid Abdalla’s 40th birthday celebration went viral.

The singer is seen dancing suggestively with Abdalla in the video before Lulu Hassan intervenes and starts to serenade her man.

Lulu who acted jealous on that day has come out to praise Jovial for the electrifying performance.

You are destined for greatness; aside from being your bosses, we are your biggest supporters…. Keep our flag soaring high…. sister, we adore you…. Just keep going,” she wrote.

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