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Muthee Kiengei Overwhelmed by Tears as He Buries His Dad: ‘I Did Everything’

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Popular comedian Muthee Kiengei could not hold back tears, as he paid his last respects to his father, Joseph Ndirangu, who was better known as Mzee Toria.

In his tribute, the radio presenter remarked that today was the saddest day of his life.

Kiengei said he would have done anything to see his dad live just one more day, but he has accepted the will of God.

“As a son, I did everything to see my old man happy. I made sure that his sunset years were blissful and I can say without fear that my dad did not have a miserable life,” he said.

The funnyman revealed that Mzee Toria was taken ill three years ago and since then he has been on treatment.

He appreciated a group of at least 15 friends, including Nominated Senator Ngugi IG, who have stood with him throughout when his dad was unwell.

“If there is something I will always treasure, it is genuine friendship. My buddies have given me moral and financial support. Some of them would even visit Mzee without me being in their company. I am forever grateful, friends,” he said.

Further, he paid a glowing tribute to his sister-in-law, who has been taking care of the old man.

“For three years, my sister-in-law had only one job – to take care of Mzee Toria. My dad could not do anything for himself, but this woman became an angel in his life. You are now relieved and I promise to take care of you henceforth,” he said, as he gave her a cash gift of Ksh100,000 as a token of appreciation.

In addition, Kiengei noted that the beautiful memories he created with his father, including having him in some of his comedy skits, will remain with him forever.

“I’m very sure he died a happy man. I have his blessings,” the comedian stated.

Mzee Toria, 90, was laid to rest in Nyandarua County this afternoon.

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