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Muthee Kiengei Scoffs at Raila’s Haters After His Using His Late Dad’s Photo For Political Reasons

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Top Kenyan comedian Benson Gathungu aka Muthee Kiengei has expressed anger at some people who used his late dad’s photo to advance their political agenda against a veteran politician.

ODM leader Raila Odinga’s haters photoshopped the former Prime Minister with a picture of Kiengei’s father, Mzee Toria.

They selected a photo that the radio presenter had shared with his fans and replaced Mzee Toria’s head with that of Raila to discredit the opposition leader as old.

The despisers also planted a signpost behind the photoshopped image and wrote in it, “Azimio Shop Bondo”.

The manipulated image was published online by several bloggers allied to the DP, with their captions explaining that the photoshop simply meant that Raila will retire after the General Election in August this year.

Kiengei condemned the people who made and circulated the image, describing them as insensitive.

“Please spare my late dad and let him rest well. It might sound funny in politics but a humiliation to our healing souls,” he wrote.

Mzee Toria died three days to Christmas and was laid to rest just days before the New Year.

The comedian’s fans weighed on the photoshop, the majority of them saying it was in bad taste.


Captain Njoroge Njeri: “This is very wrong. People are just insensitive. This is not right at all.”

Mofarm JM: “Did someone post this? May the Lord deliver the same pain in their families.”

Shi Ku: May God forgive them… continue resting in peace dad.”

Maggy Precious: “People are so heartless. Why do such painful things? Shame on you (whoever did it).”

Hannah Joyce: “Let’s learn to take care of other people’s hearts. It is not funny at all.”

Grace Ndungu: “Whoever did this has never experienced the pain of losing a loved one.”

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