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Nameless Wows Fans With Mature Response to Troll Who Wished For His Death

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read
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Top musician Nameless, real name David Mathenge, has left many fans impressed after displaying maturity in handling an online troll. The individual, whose name was concealed, had posted on Nameless’s Facebook page that he wonders what the music industry would have been like if he had died instead of E-sir. 

Normally, one would have expected the singer to respond with harsh words, but the father of two was calm. Nameless revealed that as much as he does not always reply to some comments, he eventually does at times. 

The pop artiste wrote: “Every so often, I see a comment and wonder if I should respond…I rarely do but sometimes I choose to respond and this is my response. I really debated if I should answer this comment. However, I will answer even if I think you could have phrased it better. So here it goes. First, I really don’t know why E-sir had to die that day. I also wonder how it would be like if he was alive. I don’t know I just do my best with what I have in the same way I know he would have done his best if it was him in my shoes.” 

Nameless explained the reason why he and his wife, Wahu, chose to start sharing a part of their lives was because they want to positively impact people. They, he added, have had a fair share of experience of marriage and music. 

Fans condemned the troll’s mean behaviour. Instead, Wahu and Nameless were lauded for their contributions to the Kenyan music industry with their songs.

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