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Netizens’ Surprising Word of Advice to Troubled Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino found himself deep in a guidance and counselling session today, 10th February, after he posted on his Instagram pictures of a completed school project in his constituency.

He wrote: “Construction of classrooms at Maua Primary School at Mihang’o Ward in Embakasi East completed. Education is an equaliser between the rich and the poor. swipe left for more photos.”

Netizens were kind enough to appreciate ‘Mheshimiwa’s (the MP’s) good work, but they did not hesitate to give him some free advice.

One by one, they converged on his Instagram account, advising him to reduce or even completely stop drinking alcohol. And they were so clear in their reasons, blaming drink for unlawful acts. The MP has been charged with the attempted murder of a disc jockey, whom he allegedly shot in the neck at a nightclub in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

One felt sorry for Owino’s wife Fridah, explaining she was the one being hurt by stress. He advised him to relax, commending him for the good work he is doing.

Iam_ the_ real _Shaqmatic:Kazi Unafanya poa, Lakini hii story nyingine tulia bro… Fridah ndiyo anaumia na stress.

JosephBarasa 3731:Kazi nayo tunakuaminia I say, lakini pombe, sigara na shisha unaeza wacha bila kungangana bado tunahitaji maendeleo kabla jina lako liharibiwe na phombe (In work, we have confidence in you but cigarettes, shisha and alcohol you can stop without struggling. We still need development before your name is destroyed by alcohol).”

Realqueen_real:Unafanya poa lakini a think pombe umewache (Doing a great job but I think you have stopped taking alcohol).”

Derrickhernandez1:Babu watu wanakupenda sana huku mtaani Embakasi East…. so itabidi usare izo madree mapombe na kadhalika ama upunguze bro,, we don’t want to lose you bro… KAZI SAFI LAKINI (Babu People Love you so much in the streets of Embakasi East so you will have to stop Alcohol and every thing else bro, clean work).”

Oduor 826: “Job unaifanya but acha pombe (You are truly working but stop Alcohol).”

To sample but a few.

Babu Owino is out on a more than Sh10 million cash bail, facing an attempted murder case. This arose out of an incident in which he shot Felix Orinda, popularly, known as DJ Evolve at a nightclub in Upper Hill.

On 27th January, Owino was released on cash bail by Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi after spending 10 days in police cells.

One of his fans advised him to seek forgiveness and pay for the innocent blood of the young man he shot to sanctify himself.

7Masterz: “Seek forgiveness from the guy you shot and pay the blood money for your own sanity.”

CCTV footage from the club showed a man believed to be the MP shooting the DJ, while smoking shisha, and surrounded by friends.

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