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‘Ng’ombe’: David Ndii Insults Kenyans For Asking Why Civil Servants Haven’t Been Paid

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

The chairman of Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) David Ndii is taking no prisoners as he asserts that President William Ruto’s government is stabilizing the economy.

This is despite many signs indicating otherwise, the latest being the delaying of civil servants’ salaries.

While defending the crisis, the Head of State’s economic advisor noted that the country is making tough choices, one of them being the debt repayment.

“Is public finance that difficult? Its reported every other day debt service is consuming 60%+ of revenue. Liquidity crunches come with territory. When maturities bunch up, or revenue falls short, or markets shift, something has to give. Salaries or default? Take your pick,” he said.

Asked how the previous administration maneuvered and ensured government employees were paid on time, Ndii told his critics to stop thinking like cows and alleged that Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime survived on debts.

In rebuttal, Kenyans reminded the government chief economist that the Kenya Kwanza administration is also borrowing.

On the bloated Executive, especially the addition of 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs), Ndii insisted that loyalty must be rewarded, as that eliminates some of the problems that come with running a government.

“I have news for you. The first obligation of a govt is survival and political stability. The more the dynasties forment destabilization the more we will have to spend on political capital. If push comes to shove handshake is always an option. How much you think that will cost?”

In recent months, Ndii has come under siege from Kenyans who claim power has gotten to his head.

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