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‘Not Good’: Women Unhappy as Ksh700 DNA Testing Kits Hit Market, Say Marriage Under Threat

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A considerable number of women now believe that the marriage institution is under threat following the arrival of affordable DNA testing kits.

For the longest time, men have been unable to pay for DNA services even when they have serious doubts about the paternity of their children. The average costs have been ranging between Ksh10,000 to Ksh15,000 per individual, meaning a father and child have to fork out between Ksh20,000 and Ksh30,000.

However, that is now thing of the past with the arrival of kits that virtually every man can afford. A kit is going for ksh750.

You just need to buy one, carry it home and do the job.

This has already sparked a national debate among Kenyans, with many women appearing to be against the kit.

On the other hand, men are already wanting to know where they can get the kits.

Women have warned that the new technology could further weaken the institution of marriage, which is already being plagued by high divorce rates.

Critics reason that suspicion and mistrust among couples will be very prevalent once the kits hit the local market, with men having the upper hand.

Paternity Fraud

Online searches indicate that 10-30 percent of men are unknowingly raising children not theirs while only 1 percent of women cannot tell the real father of their offspring. Men believe it is time to expose paternity fraud.

Former Nominate Senator Millicent Omanga wrote: “DNA home testing kit for 800 bob only? Hapa kitaumana?

Top fashion designer Carol Pulei said: “Good for the boy child.”

Politician Mithamo Muchiri also weighed in, saying: “Technology is likely to destroy a lot of things very soon. I foresee a problem.”

The other question giving Kenyans sleepless nights is the accuracy of the kits.

However, men too should be worried. Some men go missing when they hear pregnancy news and refuse to take responsibility, claiming that a woman is trapping them to raise another man’s child, especially in cases where the mother was suspected to be in more than one relationship.

Women have been unable to pursue these deadbeat fathers because of DNA charges, but the new technology will come in handy.

Rose Kamweti is excited about the news of the lost cost kits. “The deadbeats who deny responsibility should start looking for school fees.”

Wanjiru Mwangi said the new technology is a ticking bomb and women will be the biggest casualties. “We don’t cheat but we (women) will be fainting and fainting and fainting.

Wambui Maina stated: “Men’s best news ever” while Kinyanjui Mbacho noted that God has remembered men.

Celine Charles said: “I pity our husbands.” James Ndungu claimed, “the number of single mothers is expected to rise to historic levels.”

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