NYS to Ensure Coronavirus Prevention Measures Are Followed at Ferry Crossing

National Youth Service personnel will be enforcing coronavirus prevention measures at the ferry crossing in Mombasa.

County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo, addressing the media at the Likoni Channel last night, 24th March, warned that no one would be allowed to board the ferry without covering their mouths and noses with a face mask, piece of clothe or hijab.

Ferry users will also be required to maintain a 1.5-metre social distancing as they board the ferry, reducing the number of commuters per trip.

Kenya Ferry Services CEO Bakari Gowa washing hands soap was mandatory before boarding the ferry.

Commissioner Kitiyo said: “I urge all Mombasa residents that if you do not have anything to do, please, stay at home. This virus is not a joke. As it’s already here, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that it does not spread further.”

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Mombasa is among the first four counties to report positive coronavirus cases, the others being Nairobi, Kwale and Kilifi.

Yesterday, the KFS management and the Mombasa County Coronavirus Team issued a directive that anyone with a fever will not be allowed to board the ferry.

High fever is one of the major symptoms of the deadly coronavirus.

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