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Oh ha ha! Broke Men With Cute Girlfriends Can’t Breathe as ‘Subaru Boys’ Rev up Frenzy

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Videos and photos of Subaru cars crawling into Naivasha Town in Nakuru County have been the highlight of the day.

The owners, who are popularly known as ‘Subaru Boys’, have been spotted arriving in their dozens ahead of the World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally at the weekend.

Even before the start of the much-awaited return of this major sporting event, after nearly 20 years, a good number of young men with pretty girlfriends have complained that the “Subaru Boys” are notorious for snatching lovers.

However, some netizens believe this is the week when “Subaru Boys” will go on the rampage.

According to online reports, a majority of men who have booked rooms in Naivasha to enjoy live scenes of the Safari Rally action are owners of Subaru cars.

Social media users allege that the “Subaru Boys” are in Naivasha with young women, who are not their wives.

As usual, Kenyans have taken to social media to share hilarious memes captured in the comments below:

Salty Sugar: “The Ministry of Sport should regulate the distribution of syphilis in Naivasha. Subaru Boys have arrived. Ha ha!”

@Ronah: “Hide your girls. Naivasha here we come. Subaru Boys, we run the show as usual.”

Ja Loka: “If you are a broke man but still insist on dating in Nairobi, instead of getting your priorities right, this weekend will be the worst nightmare for you. I won’t tell you why, Subaru Boys will demonstrate it to you.”

Ruthless Focus: “Nairobi guys without Subarus stay strong! This weekend from Friday around midnight, stima zitapotea at your woman’s place , screen ya simu itapasuka, na they will have a running stomach till the 27th midnight! The enemy is doing press ups in Naivasha.”

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