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Omosh Virtually Sells His House Without Knowing it

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Actor Omosh Almost Sells His House

A woman posing as a buyer almost tricked actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh into selling his newly built house.

The potential buyer first reached Omosh via the phone and they arranged a meeting at a Nairobi restaurant.

The woman arrived alone while the thespian tagged his friend along.

She told the entertainer that she wanted to buy his house for Ksh15 million.

He declined the offer and insisted that since the beautiful bungalow was built for him by well-wishers, he could not sell it.

“I cannot sell my house. It was a present from Kenyans. I won’t sell,” he said in a video posted on YouTube by Komic Gang.

The buyer begged him until he gave in. However, he asked her to raise the amount to Ksh17 million. She pushed him further until he agreed to part way with his house for Ksh15 million.

“Give it to me, I give it to you. It is a beautiful, wonderful house. The house is mine,” he said.

It later emerged that the woman was pranking him.
This came as a shock to many Kenyans, given that the actor had pledged that he would put a price tag on the house.

During the official handing over of the house, he said selling it would be akin to betraying the generous Kenyans, who bought the land and put up the house.

Well-wishers were touched by Omosh’s story after he revealed that he had gone broke after losing his job as an actor at Citizen TV’s Tahidi High drama series.

He received the house gift and thousands of shillings from Kenyans.
However, the thespian said the cash donation did not help much, as he used it to settle debts.

A second attempt by the entertainer to ask for money failed terribly.

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