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‘Ongeza Bibi Mwingine’: Citizen TV’s Stephen Letoo Says Polygamy is Next to God

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Citizen TV senior political affairs reporter Stephen Letoo has encouraged men to embrace polygamy.

The journalist said in a social media post that men are naturally polygamous and women should simply accept that fact.

He advised women not to waste time when they get good men.

“All men are polygamous,as a woman you must work hard to be his first choice. Good evening fellow Kenyans,” he wrote.

Letoo has in the past revealed that his polygamous father (deceased) inspired him.

Both his biologic mother and step-mother are alive and live in harmony.

Letoo had a lover some years back and they cohabited. However, the relationship did not work.

He disclosed that he is still in touch with her because of their son.

His latest opinion has set the internet on fire.

While the majority of the women rubbished his comment, a good number of men were on his side.

Now let’s look at some of the reactions.

Koech Omondi: “Nyansiongo is where I learnt that Polygamy is next to God. I mean, all great men are polygamous. Viva Polygamy.”

Franklin Bekele: “Polygamy is a topic that should be discussed by men with money. The rest should just fear God.”

Sheriff Mitch: “Not Forgetting that when you treat you woman Good, God blesses you with another one.”

Naomi Kiragu: “Good evening. Me as long as I’m the first, and all my conjigual rights are adhered to and my bills catered for. I’ll allow him to.”

Fred Maritim: “When the devil wants to finish a man completely, he makes him see womanising as a necessity.”

Jecee Mweni: “Same case applies to us women. We are polygamous.”

Aloyce Okoth: “Good evening reporter, this message is very clear.”

Ann Achieng: “We are polyandrous in nature. Do your best to impress us.”

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