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‘Our Wives Are Assaullting And Denying us Conjugal Rights!’, Embu Men Complain

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

Some men in Embu County have had enough of their wives’ disrespect and have chosen to take matters into their own hands by calling for help from the government. Members of the Inuawazee Self-Help Group, which was formed to address issues that cause violence in homes, leading to suicides, said that life in their homes has become unbearable.

They have also accused their wives of turning against them and abusing them physically while denying them their conjugal rights. As a result, when the children see this, they also end up disrespecting their fathers.

Inuawazee patron Joseph Wega said: “Men have been sidelined and we are not important anymore. Women have taken over as we have no power. We cannot report mistreatment to the police and whenever you try fighting back, the police act very harshly.”

The incidence of mental health problems, especially among men, has been on the rise, with fellow husbands encouraging them to speak out on their problems. However, the men said that the few who have reported physical abuse by their wives have instead ended up becoming the laughing stock among fellow villagers.

Speaking to the Star newspaper Inuawazee chairman Samuel Muturi said: “We are facing difficult moments in our families, and cannot enjoy marriage. We urge the government to empower men and consider balanced treatment of both men and women in the county.”

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