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‘Pastors Opposed Our Wedding,’ Tall Woman Married to Short Man Detail 1 Year in Marriage

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Tall Woman Married to Short Man

It is almost one year since Ezekiel Mwangi married the love of his life, Lilian Wawira Gatimu. It has been a difficult journey.

The couple grabbed headlines in Kenya and abroad due to their heights.

By and large, ladies prefer taller men to become their husbands, but this case was like chalk and cheese.

She was not only taller but also almost twice his height. Mwangi is just four feet while she is over seven feet.

In a recent interview on KD TV, the couple narrated their love journey and how their one year in marriage has been.

Lilian disclosed that they met at a wedding in which both were part of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

After the ceremony, he asked for her phone number.

“I first refused to share my number because I did not imagine him being my husband. But after he insisted and almost caused a drama, I decided to share it with him just for the sake,” she said.

Days later, he started calling him frequently, but she could ignore most of his calls.

However, every time she picked Mwangi would make it clear that he wanted her as his wife.

“I played hard to get. It is because of the persistence that I fell in love with him,” she said.

For his part, Mwangi explained that when he saw her, there is a wave in his heart that made him feel she was his Mrs. Right.

“I did not want a short lady like me and that’s why I made the first time. I pursued her until she accepted me,” he said.

She says she prayed about it and God showed her that Mwangi was his perfect match.

The biggest challenge they encountered was discouragements from friends and family.

Mwangi’s family was openly opposed to their union, as his kin thought she would manipulate their son.

“His family was against me and so many friends deserted us. Even some pastors refused to work with us because they argued that our relationship would not work,” she said.

But they did not give up and eventually wedded before photos from their wedding went viral on social media. They will be marking their first anniversary this month.

The lovebirds say the first year has had many ups and downs.

The most defining period was when she miscarried and then Mwangi lost his job.

“We have gone through a lot of challenges, but we are growing stronger. Marriage is not a bed of roses, but we’ve remained strong,” Lilian said.

Mwangi asked well-wishers to help get a stable job.

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