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Peter Drury Impressed by Top Kenyan Comedian, Sends Him Special Message

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Celebrated Kenyan comic Arap Uria has gone global. He is famed for his lip-syncing commentaries, ranging from news to football and politics.

The comedian likes to mimic famous British sports commentator Peter Drury and his fascinating work has reached the target.

Arap was hosted virtually on Sky Sports TV on Friday, 1st April, but unfortunately Drury was in Qatar to witness the World Cup draw.

However, the poetic commentator had a powerful message for Arap, which was played during the show.

He lauded the Kenyan entertainer and encouraged him to continue making the world happy.

“Arap, it’s Peter here and I wish I could be with you today. Listen, I love what you do. I hope you are laughing with me and not at me, I must say I am surely laughing with you. It’s terrifically funny.

“It’s superb. Football shouldn’t be taken too seriously, just seriously enough and with all the passion you show, I do love your work and I hope one day we might get to meet each other face to face so that you teach me how to commentate,” he said.

Arap was over the moon after listening to the message from the 52-year-old Sky Sports journalist, who hosted him also praised his work.

The comic blends humour with top-notch creativity.

For instance, he wears funny clothes, puts old cups on the ears as headphones and holds a sieve to represent the microphone.

Locals brands have been working with him to advertise their products and it is expected that he will get more endorsements after Drury’s special recognition of his talent.

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