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‘Pole Sana’: Woman Overwhelmed by Grief After Losing Her Mum And Only Sister Within Weeks

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A Nairobi woman is in deep grief after losing her mother and only sister and sibling within weeks of each other.

Meg Rakuomi’s mother, Lucy Rakuomi, breathed her last on 16th May after being involved in a road accident.

And a month later, she is mourning her sister, Liz, who passed away on 15th June. She had been admitted to a city hospital for days, according to friends.

When the sisters lost their mother, Liz took to social media to give her heartfelt tribute, describing the day as the darkest in her life.

“The past two to three weeks have been heavy, tough and rough. The pain of the loss of a mother cuts deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Mama is now resting peacefully.

“Now the hardest part, that is healing, is about to start and I may still be irritable every once in a while so please bear with me,” she wrote.

Friends have been posting online about the family’s devastation on behalf of Meg, who, understandably, is going through the most defining moment of her life.

“Have had a hard time processing this. All I keep telling myself is maybe it’s not true and look at my inbox maybe I will see your text. You were soo good a listening ear a confident. Rest in power, Liz,” Shilwatsa Litala wrote.

A netizen by the name Governor Romeo said he had lost a true friend.

“Liz Rakuomi. I knew you 2O years ago. My dear friend, I never expected that behind those beautiful dimples and beautiful smile you were going to die barely few weeks after we buried your mum. Darling, Go well. Fare thee well, Liz,” he wrote.

The family is seeking support from well-wishers to help raise money to give Liz a decent send-off. Her body will be ferried to Funyula constituency, Busia County, for burial.

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