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‘Pole Sana’: Kenyan Man Dies in Crash Days After Showing Off His New Mansion

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A Kenyan man named Ochieng Jakablack on social media was celebrating a big milestone slightly over a week ago.

Ochieng posted on his Facebook timeline to rejoice after the completion of his new house in the lakeside city of Kisumu.

“Every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of its mother,” he wrote underneath a beautiful photo of his mansion and a car parked outside.

The lavish white building can only be described as a “dream home”.

But what Ochieng didn’t know is that he would not residence in the house even for a month.

He died in a road accident along the State House road in Kisumu after his car crashed. Ochieng succumbed to his injuries before being rushed to the hospital.

The sad news has sparked a conversion among Kenyans on social media on whether people should share every details about their success online.

While some argue that jealous people could be watching, others are of the view that evil people have very little powers to harm someone because of their success.

Here now is some reactions:

Dan Daniya: “If you need to be safe and successful, don’t build/establish family near the village you were raised up, go somewhere find land in other villages.”

Ian Mohammed: “Sometimes, we give Satan too much credit….scientifically, you are more likely to die in a crash if the variables, night time, drunk, over speeding, young person and poor roads are all met. Let’s not read too much into it.”

Baron of Matungulu: “The death had nothing to do with posting of the house. You are being very imaginative and superstitious.”

Reuben Mokaya: “Most of the time we blame witchcraft even where it didn’t work. That’s why I don’t like blaming everything on witchcraft. This thing is overrated.”

Victor Servant: “When you make silent moves and prosper just thank God and never blow a trumpet about it,it’s a small world we are living.”

Omahlay 254: “This narrative of fearing to do great things cause of your village people should be forgotten, I think everyone is struggling in their own ways to make ends meet, no one has time for such things, let’s do development in our areas and keep God first.”

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