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Pretty Angels! Something’s Cooking From Grace Ekirapa And Sisters

by Esther M.
2 mins read

NTV Crossover101 gospel show host Grace Ekirapa is a very pretty woman and so are her two sisters, Tushlyne and Juliet.

The Ekirapa siblings share a very strong friendship bond.

And interestingly, the beauties are now up to something together.

Although they are yet to reveal what it is all about, there is no doubt that it will be something exciting.

For a number of days now, they have been sharing cute photos of themselves looking pretty together and more like one another.

Grace has been encouraging her fans to hang around, saying that something is cooking.

Today, 9th June, she emerged with a teaser message that saw her appreciate the fact that they are usually so close and without the normal strife that occurs among siblings.

“There is soo much power when blood stands together. I have seen a lot of siblings that don’t see eye to eye. But we thank God because He knew what we needed even before we could understand and that is one another,” she wrote.

Grace referred to the sisterly love the three share as a force that can’t be broken down easily.

“We are a force when we unite and only God knows what the future holds and I pray that it has us together in it. Here is my force.”

She requested her fans to be on the lookout as they were getting ready to break the news of their new project in a few days’ time.

“Watch out for the amazing news we will have for you in a few days, a snippet on what’s coming 😍😍😍,” she added.

On 10th April, Grace heartily celebrated her sisters as the world marked the Sibling’s Day.

“Happy Siblings Day to the ladies I have known all my life like literally. My greatest cheerleaders, my critics, my support systems, and my best friends. Happy Siblings Day to you two. I love you two too much,” the TV queen penned down.

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