Priceless!! Ex-TV Girl Faith Muturi Proving to be the Best Mom to Her Daughter

They say it’s giving birth to child is not so much work, but raising that little one takes a lot.

Well, former TV presenter Faith Muturi is not only a mother but also a great friend to her two-year-old daughter, Zoe.

It’s few days today after the world celebrated the international women’s day and the proud mother of three has a special message for her little princess.

In the world that is full of so much uncertainties and opposition, Faith purposes to bring up her daughter to become one bold woman.

“My little Princess 🌸 💞, I pray that I raise you to be a confident bold lady that loves deeply & fully, lives for God and goes after her dreams 🙏🏾”, she wrote.

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The former crossover 101 gospel show host really hopes that her daughter will get all the love she deserves from her family.

“May our home be a safe place for you always and that you will always know that you are loved. May we connect you to the ultimate source of love & identity – the cross.”

The ever-smiling mother couldn’t end her message without confessing her undying love for her only princess.

“I love you 💝💝” penned the mother of three.

As young as she is, Zoe gets to spend some quality time out with her Mum.

A while ago, she got to have some memorable moments with her mama at Sarova Panafric hotel.

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“My little #WCW this Wednesday. I love spending time with my little munchkin 💞💞. Mummy daughter times are usually so much fun,” she captioned.

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