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Pritty Vishy: ‘I Cheated on Stivo Simple Boy After He Refused to Chew Me’

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

The ex-girlfriend of rapper Stivo Simple Boy has opened up about their relationship that had it fair share of challenges.

Pritty Vishy explained that the two broke up after establishing that they were not not meant for each other.

She confessed that she cheated on him because he was shy and unattractive to her.

“We were boyfriend and girlfriend and he had even introduced me to his family, but it was not a romantic relationship. He was never attractive to me. I won’t lie. And that’s the reason I was cheating. Stivo was a good man, yes he was kind and humble but he was not attractive,” she said.

She added that not even one day they had an intimate moment.

“Right now if you ask Stivo how I look without clothes he cannot describe because he has never seen me without (clothes).”

The up-and-coming actress remarked that there were times she wanted to have to have steamy sessions with the singer, but he always rebuffed her.

“These things happen and the way people say things like no sex until marriage is something Stivo and I were not on the same page about. I had not agreed to it and that’s why I was cheating. Even when you go buy a car, you must first test the engine and see if it works,” she said.

In a recent interview, Stivo said she did not like her character.

He noted that sex before marriage is a sin and that’s why he did not entertain her.

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