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Raila Disappoints Supporters as He Fails to Declare State House March

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga has finally announced the next course of action after President William Ruto ignored his 14-day ultimatum to address the runaway cost of living, but his supporters are a disappointed lot.

The former Prime Minister had indicated that he would declare the date for marching to State to remove President Ruto from office, but his statement this afternoon did not capture that.

His diehard followers had said they were waiting for the signal only for their leader to betray them. Some described him as a coward.

However, Raila emphatically insisted that “Ruto must go”, though he was short on details.

Some of the actions he has unveiled to resist the Kenya Kwanza administration include mass action all over the country and economic boycott.

He announced that the first big demonstrations will take place on March 20 in Nairobi. He called it “a date with destiny”.

The former Premier added that Azimio would not relent until they liberate the country from economic oppression and Ruto’s “illegitimate regime”.

“To restore the dignity of our people, Ruto must go,” he said.

The process they have initiated will be called Movement for Defence of Democracy (MDD), he said.

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