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Raila Steals The Show at Mt Kenya Youth Forum With Unique Fashion

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Raila poses for a photo with Mt Kenya youths

ODM leader Raila Odinga received praise for his strong fashion sense when he honoured an invitation by a Mt Kenya youth caucus.

The former Prime Minister dropped his usual dress code of full suits and casual smart wear to pull a complete ‘youthful look’.

He wore a white T-shirt, a black half-jacket, a pair of blue jeans trousers, and multicolored sports shoes.

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How Raila looked during his roundtable interview with Mt Kenya youth.

Baba looks handsome,” Casty Micheni joked on Facebook.

Columnist Gabriel Oguda joked: “Baba is very stylish today. A principal could unknowingly select him to represent his high school in the basketball game.”

The young people from the mountain region rooted for Raila’s presidency and presented issues they want to be addressed by the next government.

They asked the former Prime Minister to assure them that he will appoint more young people to the Cabinet if he becomes President.

“I want the former Prime Minister to commit on behalf of his team to a peaceful election in 2022. I also want him to include young people and people from diverse backgrounds in his government,” youth leader and National Irrigation Authority director Wambui Nyutu said.

In his speech, Raila, 76, said his administration would have more than four Cabinet slots for youth. “I can say it will be more than four.

“Baba’s house will have many rooms, I have reserved the biggest one for our youth. This is not an empty promise. Under the new Kenya, it will be possible.

The forum came three weeks after Mt Kenya billionaires met the AU Infrastructure special envoy and pledged to back his State House ambition.

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