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Raphael Tuju Condemns Vulgar Leaders, Asks DP Ruto to Apologise

by Kassim Mohammed
2 mins read

Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju has strongly condemned the utterances of some of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies in the recent past as the “new low” by the leaders.

Tuju said he had spoken to DP Ruto about the behaviour of some of his allies, including Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi and Emurua Dikirr’s Johanna Ng’eno, who had hurled insults at President Uhuru Kenyatta and his mother, former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Speaking in interview on Citizen TV, Tuju said he had asked the Deputy President to clear the air on the matter.

“I called Deputy President this afternoon and we had a discussion on it and I did make my position very clear that because some of the things being done using his name, he has to come out and express himself,” Tuju told news anchor Waihiga Mwaura.

Tuju said that Ruto’s defence that he had warned the MPs through Twitter wasn’t good enough and would not satisfy the public.

The former Rarieda MP said Ruto had also wondered why he had been targeted by Jubilee Party vice-chairman David Murathe, who had linked him to the Kemsa saga as well as painting him as a corrupt individual and unworthy of holding the country’s top seat.

“You cannot compare Murathe’s issue with taking on the former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta. There is no way you can equate the two,” said Tuju.

“The former First Lady is nobody’s peer in this country today,” he added.

Tuju’s remarks come as more leaders continue to call upon their counterparts to refrain from insults and use of abusive language irrespective of their political sides ahead of the 2022 elections.

However, the Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-General Caleb Kositany differed with his senior, saying that dragging the DP’s name into other individual’s statements was uncalled for.

“What Sudi and Ng’eno said is sad and unfortunate, but it is satanic of Raphael Tuju to drag the name of Deputy President William Ruto into the individuals’ statements,” Kositany said.

The Soy MP said the individuals should carry their own crosses and their statements should not be associated with whoever they are said to be allied to.

” When Murathe and (Environment CS Keriako)Tobiko speak grossly against Ruto, are they speaking for President? When Babu Owino insulted the President, was he speaking on behalf of Raila Odinga?” he said.

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