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‘Real Bottom-Up’: ODM Nominates on Crutches Cobbler to Join Siaya County Assembly

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

The Orange Democratic Alliance (ODM) has received praise after nominating a cobbler on crutches to the Siaya County Assembly.

Fredrick Onyango was among the people who worked tirelessly to drum up support for ODM candidates in Siaya, the home county of party leader Raila Odinga. The nominated MCA comes from Masiro in Ugenya constituency.

Big parties are notorious for shortchanging little-known individuals with no money or political connections, but ODM rewarded Onyango for his efforts.

The 47-year-old, who is physically challenged, will be championing the interests of persons living with disabilities (PLWDs).

Welcoming his nomination, Onyango thanked ODM for picking him and promised to work to the best of his abilities.

“I want to thank the party for nominating me. I helped the ODM party because I love it. Secondly, I believe that our ODM party has been our political vehicle and has stood with us for a long time. I supported ODM and its candidates because I wanted us to have good leaders, who can foster development.

“I have spoke to the majority of the party leaders and they have congratulated me. My friends and locals are also happy with the party’s decision to nominate me,” he said.

He also explained the methods he used to market ODM candidates despite the strong opposition that the flag bearers in Azimio affiliate parties brought.

“I used to talk to individuals personally at the grassroots and explain what we stand to benefit in electing aspirants running on ODM. I never forced anyone and I was always humble when talking to them. Some refused to listen to my message, but they were few.”

His life is now set to undergo a 360-degree transformation.

On a good day, he would make Ksh200 after repairing shoes and slippers, but now he will be taking home tens of thousands of shillings every month.

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